Luther Jackson Middle School PTA End-of-Year Report (2022-2023)

We are thrilled to present the achievements of our Parent-Teacher Association (PTA) throughout the 2022-2023 school year. It is with pride and gratitude that we reflect on the tireless efforts and continued commitment of our dedicated board members, school leadership, parent volunteers, and LJMS families.

You can find the full report here.

LJMS Magnets and Sweatshirts Available

Would you like to purchase an LJMS magnet ($5) or adult small sweatshirt ($35)?  Order here.  Emails will be sent out when students can pick up their Jackson goodies from the front office.  Questions?  Contact Lynn Collins at

Support the LJMS Food Pantry

The PTA is excited to continue our work with the LJMS Administration as we work to expand the structure and outreach of our in-school food pantry. A number of our students and their families rely on the food support we are able to offer through this program. By working with Luther Jackson’s Family Liaison and Social Worker, we are uniquely positioned to eliminate hunger as an obstacle to learning.

Join & Support the PTA

There are two ways to become a member or donate to the PTA:

Complete this form and mail it back to the school with a check:
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Join or donate online with a credit card
NOTE: you will be charged a credit card fee of 3.3% + 0.50 per transaction.

Please support your child and the student community at LJMS by joining the PTA and making a donation to support the PTA. This is the ONLY school wide fundraiser we hold during the year. Your donation here means that students do not have the task of going door to door to collect money or deliver goods. Your support is crucial in covering the cost of field trips, student planners, staff appreciation, after school clubs, registration for school teams at competitions and more.

Your time is equally important in supporting and enriching the learning experience at our school. Please visit our Volunteer Page for more information.